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Wooden Farmyard Shapes - My Busy Bots
Wooden Farmyard Shapes - My Busy Bots
Wooden Farmyard Shapes - My Busy Bots
Wooden Farmyard Shapes - My Busy Bots

Wooden Farmyard Shapes

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Old MacDonald had a farm
And on his farm he had a cow
With a moo-moo here
And a moo-moo there...

Children love everything to do with farms, animals; food; vehicles and plants are only a few of the things you can find on a farm. This My Busy Bots activity will help your child discover the many exciting things that live, grow and work on a farm. These wooden farmyard shapes can be used for sorting or grouping like items, language development, imaginary play and much more.

A few ideas of activities:
  • Names of farm animals and the sounds they make?
  • What food do these animals eat?
  • Where do the animals live?
  • What jobs can they do around the farm?
  • What do these animals give us to eat or use in our everyday lives?
  • Group together all the food, animals, homes and tools for the farm.
  • Count the farm animals, etc.
  • What colour is the chick, etc.
  • 30 Wooden farmyard shapes
  • Optional extra - 1 brightly coloured A5 storage bag *
Skills being developed:
  • Fine motor skills:
    • Thumb opposition; in-hand manipulation; open thumb web space; whole hand grasp; hand strength; grasp and release; dexterity; bilateral hand coordination; sensory exploration; spatial relationships.
  • Visual perceptual skills:
    • Visual tracking and scanning; visual discrimination; visual spatial relations; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills:
    • Concentration; puzzle solving skills; language and vocabulary; sorting and organisation; counting; colour recognition.
  • 4. Life skills:
    • Patience and perseverance; creativity and imagination; understanding of where our food comes from; familiarity with animals.
* Bags and content colours may vary. Bag colour will be sent at random unless you contact us.