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Toddler Toolkit | Flashcards

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A compact deck of flashcards filled with fun, creative ways for your little one to learn. It's a fantastic way to engage with your child by sparking conversations with them. Chatting with your child is such a powerful way for them to develop their language and overall learning.

The toolkit pages follow the alphabet, but each page has lots of talking points. From letter sounds to colours, animal noises, emotions, weather, vehicles, shapes, imagination... and much more! The idea is you grab the toolkit, find a comfy spot and spend some time having a look at a few pages (no need to go in order, let your child open it randomly and start there - more fun!).

The toolkit is cleverly designed with a large screw at the bottom so you can fan out the toolkit as you use it, keeping all the pages safely together (no losing random cards down sofas or in cars!). The pages are all professionally printed and matt laminated (perfect for little hands) making them more durable, plus the corners are rounded and there is a velcro flap at the top keeping it all neatly together.

The Toddler Toolkit is a fun, compact, creative learning resource for children from 2 years and up. It's so much more than regular flashcards, ensuring that your little one is learning through play! Have fun learning together!


  • 27 A6 laminated flashcards bound together
  • Additional extra - you can get a bag for your toolkit as an optional extra! Many of you have asked for this, and we have listened!

Skills being developed:

1. Fine motor skills:
Pre-writing skills; finger isolation; wrist extension; whole hand grasp; hand strength; hand eye coordination and control; bilateral hand coordination; spatial relationships.

2. Visual perceptual skills:
Visual tracking and scanning; visual discrimination; visual motor integration; visual spatial relations; visual closure; visual figure ground.

3. Cognitive skills:
Concentration; problem solving; puzzle solving skills; language and vocabulary; sorting and organisation; counting; number recognition; letter recognition; colour recognition and matching; shape recognition; matching; copying; following patterns; foundational Maths skills; adding & subtracting numbers; number skills; identifying phonemes.

4. Life skills:
Patience and perseverance; self-care; creativity and imagination; body scheme; early reading skills; early writing skills; working with numbers; awareness of one’s emotions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Super fast delivery and great product

We haven't used this product yet as we're saving it for a long plane journey. It looks great though and my daughter is going to love it

Great toolkit!

The perfect kit for on the move. Fits in your bag easily (I did purchase the Busy Bots bag as an extra to stop it getting tatty). Big, bold, colourful designs with plenty of engaging talking points to entertain and help your toddler develop. A great purchase. I’m very happy with it!

Diane Harris
Not as good as I expected

I was diss appointed with my purchase I thought it would be in a bag and looks small for money paid I have emailed you separate 10 days ago, but have not had a response kind regards Diane Harris

Hi Diane, sorry to hear you are not happy with the toolkit! We do have all the sizes on the website and we feel this is the perfect size to keep handy when out and about (in hand bags). I am afraid I have run a search with your email and cannot find anything from you, may you please email us at with your inquiry. The Toolkit can be purchased with or without a bag - it does not come standard with one. Have a lovely evening, Team MBB

Gill O'neill
Flash cards

Lovely book of colourful and recognisable picture cards. My 2 1/2 year old grandson loves them and it has helped him with his pronounciation which has made him very pleased with himself! I would reccomend this book. 👍🏻

A bit fiddly

I think this was a bit too fiddly for my 2 year old, she got frustrated at how to swivel the cards around. Aside from that it’s a good idea and I’m sure she’ll figure it out as she gets a bit older.