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Sparkles | Busy Bag

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Who does not love a little (or a lot) of sparkle? Well, we certainly do! In this busy bag, we have developed a playful activity with counting cards and gems, an ideal way for little ones to practice counting on from a given number. This starts them on the road towards understanding addition and giving them a stronger understanding of numbers. It can be adjusted to help children at different stages. We have extended the number range in this activity, with number from 5 up to 27 - so lots more fun to be had! 

This activity is suitable for little ones from 4+. As all children develop in their own time, this is a guideline and may vary with your child.


  • An A6 information card with instructions, ideas to extend the activity and list of skills being developed
  • 15 Laminated A6 counting-on activity cards with numbers between 5 & 27
  • 55 Sparkly gems
  • 1 Brightly coloured storage bag
  • Please note: some bags may come with no outer wrap packaging, but the contents will be as listed

Skills being developed:

  • Fine motor skills:
    • Thumb opposition; pincer grip; hand eye coordination; hand dominance; grasp and release; dexterity; bilateral hand coordination; sensory exploration.
  • Visual perception skills:
    • Visual discrimination; spatial relationships; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills:  
    • Concentration; sorting and organisation; counting; number recognition; colour recognition.
  • Life skills:
    • Patience and perseverance.

* Bags and content colours may vary

Disclaimer: Age titles are our suggestion and are a guideline as you will know your child's abilities best. Adult supervisions is always required.