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School starter toolkit | Flashcards

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Starting BIG school is one of the most memorable milestones that every child will experience. We all want it to be an easy process, one that our child will be excited about and look forward to. Supporting them with aspects of their learning can help to make the whole process a lot smoother and less daunting for everyone! (Both child and parent)

It’s not about being a pushy parent but rather an encouraging parent. One that helps their child to be better prepared for what will be learnt in the classroom, not just in reading and Maths, but socially and emotionally too.

Here in one compact toolkit are flashcards that cover a wide range of areas including: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design. The idea is that you cuddle up on the sofa and spend a few minutes at a time chatting about a handful of the cards. This will help to spark conversations between you and your child, reinforce things they might know already and introduce them to new things they may not know already.

Many parents want to support their child but don’t know where to start, well this is a good place to start!


  • 33 A6 laminated flashcards bound together
  • Additional extra - you can get a bag for your toolkit as an optional extra! Many of you have asked for this, and we have listened!


Skills being developed:

  • Fine motor skills: Pre-writing skills; finger isolation; wrist extension; whole hand grasp; hand strength; hand eye coordination and control; hand dominance; bilateral hand coordination; spatial relationships.
  • Visual perceptual skills: Visual tracking and scanning; visual discrimination; visual motor integration; visual spatial relations; visual closure; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills: Concentration; problem solving; puzzle solving skills; language and vocabulary; sorting and organisation; counting; number recognition; letter recognition; colour recognition and matching; shape recognition; matching; copying; following patterns; foundational Maths skills; adding & subtracting numbers; number skills; identifying phonemes.
  • Life skills: Patience and perseverance; self-care; creativity and imagination; body scheme; early reading skills; early writing skills; working with numbers; awareness of one’s emotions.


All the best for you school adventure! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ms Zoe Teden
Great product great service

Love these csrds , compact, easy to use and well executed .

Great value !

My sons love them ,thank you

Kirstin Nancarrow

My daughter enjoys going through each card and doing each activity. Gives great ideas to expand on. Recommend

Hugh Freeman

Not impressed our 4year old grandson was not interested ,unlike a book. Shame when seen on Television looked to be ideal.

Doreen Walsh
Best brains

My grandson loves doing the tasks and I really think it has prepared him for school.

Laura C
100 percent reccomend

On receiving the packs the quality is amazing. Delivery quick, and packed well.Activity cards& items are wipeable which give you an idea of how robust these cards are.Each folder comes with a label on, so you can clearly see what each activity is called.My daughter is 3 she is learning sounds from these packs. These school flashcards are amazing for in the home to out and about. The learning in these little cards are amazing. The way they stretch a child's thinking is amazing. I love the way that throughout all of these packs they have ideas on how to expand the childs thinking. It's made me realise how little sometimes we explain things to children. My daughter of three now knows how her lamp is powered and is so excited by learning this. We originally brought her a tablet,which she has spent little time on. She loves these packs as they are so interactive and also once you have guided them on what to do,they also are a great independent activity for them. Which is a great time saver for when life is busy. Feels guilt free giving them an activity which you know they are learning from. 100 percent give these ago,during lockdown has been a good time to introduce her to these packs. Thankyou Busy Bots for bringing back hands on learning. Contacted Busy bots to say how pleased we are with the packs, the ladies behind these packs are so lovely and such genius having an idea like this.