Alpha Bravo Charlie
Alpha Bravo Charlie - My Busy Bots
Alpha Bravo Charlie - My Busy Bots

Alpha Bravo Charlie

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This My Busy Bots bag introduces young children to alphabet shapes using cotton buds to form letters whist gaining confidence in and strengthening fine motor skills. Even if a child doesn’t know their letters or sounds yet, this bag will give them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the alphabet.

This activity is suitable for little ones from 3 - 8 years old. As all children develop in their own time, this is a guideline and may vary with your child.


  • 1 Information card with instructions, ideas to extend the activity and list of skills being developed
  • 26 Laminated alphabet activity cards, A-Z
  • Approximately 120 cotton buds
  • 1 Brightly coloured storage bag

Skills being developed:

  • Fine motor skills:
    • Thumb opposition; in-hand manipulation; pre-writing skills; pincer grip; hand eye coordination; dexterity.
  • Visual perceptual skills:
    • Visual tracking and scanning; visual motor integration; spatial relationships; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills:  
    • Concentration; language and vocabulary; letter recognition; copying.
  • Life skills:
    • Patience and perseverance; early reading skills.

* Bags and content colours may vary