Children playing with Busy Bags from My Busy Bots

Our customers say the nicest things about us and our busy bags. Here are just a selection of comments from our satisfied customers: 

"My 3 year old is loving them! Brilliantly thought out - super for fine motor skill development as well as maths and sounds"

“These busy bags are fantastic! I ordered 20 of them and they are all so good! Really good quality, really fun activities and nice pictures and most importantly, my 3 year old loves them. I love surprising her with a different bag when we go out. The shop owners are great and delivery was so fast!”

"My 3 year old daughter is loving the School Starter bundle. Such fun games she doesn’t realise she’s learning. Great resources and fantastic quality. Excellent value for money."

“We are going on a plane trip and want to entertain our boys without screens! This is simple and I love that it comes with a zippered bag to keep the booklet and car together! Thank you!”

“I am a childminder and the children I look after love all these products. I have bought some as present as well”

“I gifted this to my friend for her daughter who turned four and she LOVED it! Her daughter actually has a slight hearing impediment and this was the perfect gift to help her tune into the sounds at the beginning of words and associate them with letters. I plan to get this for my own daughter once she's a little bit older!”



"I bought 2 different activities - one for my 5 year old and the other my 2 year old. They both love their activities and it has been a fun way of learning with them. My 2 year old has learnt her colours and matching through the activity. The cards provided are good quality and have lovely illustrations on them. Comes in a nice bag, easy to bring when you’re out to keep them entertained! Definitely recommend!"

"This is an amazing way to educate and keep your kids busy at the same time. Easy to carry around and do anywhere. Highly recommend."

"The activities were great, really fun and engaging! Can’t recommend them enough!!"

"I love the fact I can grab a bag and it keeps both my LO's occupied. Normally before school when they are both wanting to get busy playing or when we are waiting for slow food orders. They are just a god send. I am also Vice Chair at a PreSchool and have recommended the bags to our SEN teachers. Just amazing. Love them."

"So impressed with our bags, my almost 3yr old has brought them to me this weekend asking to do them again and again."

“My children LOVE these activities!”

"Super items. Really well presented and wonderfully creative way of educating and entertaining young children. Fantastic customer service"

"Love love love these little bags of entertainment..we took them on our holidays and spent lots of quality time working together through them, now we’re home I always pop a couple in my bag for when the moment takes a little distraction like today when we went out for lunch! Wonderfully thought out & put together, and it’s great to see my little girls progression over things we take for granted..for example...separating vegetables and fruit! Would recommend to everyone as they’re all individually age appropriate for learning through play! ..I’ll be ordering more!"

“These shapes are great. Such a good idea for a busy bag! We have used these at home and when we went out for a meal to keep my 3 year old occupied! Fast delivery and I would highly recommend!”

"The products are well designed and produced to a high standard. The colours and graphics are engaging and the little bags are a great idea to allow you to throw them in your bag for emergency distraction when you’re out for lunch/visiting friends etc. Highly recommend"

“Great for toddlers and preschoolers. simple and fun”

“My kids are loving these activities. Really well designed and durable. Very impressive!”

"The activities are really engaging and they are beautifully out together in the bags."

"Wow. The entire journey has been awesome. Great website, great packaging of products, lovely email. And not to mention lovely little packages that will surely keep my little my busy on a flight to Australia!! Thank you ladies- keep up the awesome work!!"

"I bought a wonderful gift for my nephew and he loves it and a year later (and older) he still loves it just as much. Perfect for keeping little ones busy without resorting to screens or bribery. Highly recommend all busy bots products."

"My four year old loves these packs! She loves to sit and do the shapes pack the most."

"These bags are great to sling in the bag when out and about. My daughter (4) gets very absorbed, making it easy to enjoy lunch out! The letter-based bags have been especially popular with her and really helped her get to grips with phonics. I also love that’s there’s no prep and no mess, and that they’re reusable."

“Perfect for keeping in the changing bag for entertainment when out and packs away nice and tidy”

"My Busy Bots activities are perfect for eager little hands to develop fine motor and educational skills, and they are great fun too! They are so useful to have on hand for on-the-go activities to keep little ones busy as well as learning new skills. A really great, professionally made product."

“Brilliant fun and I love the colours”

"Beautifully put together, great quality and very educational in a fun way!!"

"So happy with our busy bot packs, our little boy absolutely loves them! Originally bought as a distraction toy for when i feel a tantrum brewing but perfect for out and about too. Will definitely be buying more."

“I'm so pleased with the sets I bought, I came back and bought the rest. The sets are well assembled - I like that the graphics and colours of the manipulatives are eye catching and hold my kids' interest; the quality of the manipulatives is high; the activities are easy to follow and they could do them on their own. Sure, I could have done some of these up myself, but I can't replicate the engaging graphic design and this saves me time from resourcing for materials. Excellent excellent purchase, highly recommend if you want activities on the go with your children.”

"Since collecting my daughter (3) from nursery at lunchtime she has been absolutely engrossed in the activities. Excellent ideas and resources of excellent quality. So refreshing to see something which doesn’t involve an app or the screen."

“I absolutely adore these packs and so does my son. The games are brightly coloured and engaging. We will definitely be getting more.”

"Little bags of magic"

"My daughter loves these bags. I thought they would be useful for cafe trips/days when she is ‘bored’..... I was really surprised as she still brings the bags out to play with."

"Really handy little bags .. kept my 3 year old intrigued on a long flight!"

"My daughter enjoys playing with me this game. She loves the cards and she’s quickly learning her letters and identifying the sounds."

"My kids have really enjoyed these activities. We use them when we are stuck in the house. They’ll be ideal when we go out to a restaurant or on a trip."

"Love these bags we don't travel without them now! Perfect for little ones when travelling."

"Wish I had come across My Busy Bots before my little one loves playing with his bundle it’s definitely fun learning. Would definitely recommend."

"I love these little bags. My 3 year old has had great fun playing with them and I love how they help him to learn and also spark his imagination." 

These reviews were left on our Etsy storeFacebook page and here on our site, on current or discontinued products.