The Story

Hello! I am Candice a busy mum juggling everyday life and business all while running after two little rascals each (thank goodness for busy bags hey!)

My Busy Bots began when I got an idea from my friend Leanne who has been a Maths teacher for over twelve years and decided to make some activities to help her three year old son with his fine motor skills. He became utterly captivated by the activities, which used everyday items - things that were not typical toys. I saw them and loved them – I couldn’t believe how engaged (and quiet!) kids were while doing the activities. Even mine (which was the seller for me)! I’ve been a designer in the advertising and marketing industry for over fifteen years, and knew we could create something beautiful, useful and fun with a combination of Leanne’s educational experience and my passion for colour, illustration and design. My Busy Bots was born! With Leanne now back in the saddle teaching, I’m running the business – and so excited to see the products helping more kids with crucial life skills as well as enabled their frazzled mums to enjoy that elusive full cup of hot tea.

So... What exactly are My Busy Bots bags?

My Busy Bots create award-winning busy bags, toolkits and Fun Folders containing fun, educational activities that will encourage learning through play - oh yeah, play, this is how children learn! They engage your little ones and keep them having fun, learning and occupied (handy if you need a bit of time to chat to a friend, do paperwork or enjoy a cup of (hot!) tea, or to wee alone!).

My products are an excellent resource for all parents and can be used either at home or on the go – they’re perfect for keeping children happy and absorbed while you're in a restaurant, waiting rooms, airports, travelling, or at home answering that crucial email, cooking or folding laundry. They are also a really fun and interactive way for you to get involved in your child's learning journey and enjoy some one-on-one time together.

As a busy parent myself, I know the challenges that parenting brings. The activities captivate inquiring little minds, help to prepare children for school and nursery and encourage time away from using screens! They are not only a fun 'distraction'… our activities help them discover new topics as well as develop essential abilities (like fine motor skills and visual perception skills). They are not crafts (so they can be used over and over again) and they are not everyday toys. We use items that will intrigue your child – and, more importantly, ones that will not stain, glitterfy or make your home sticky.

My aim is to provide you with engaging activities for curious little minds and busy little hands. Activities that are no mess, no fuss and perfect for on the go.  

Educational busy bags for toddler and young children, encouraging learning through play


There are 3 main product categories

  • Busy Bags
  • Toolkits
  • The Fun Folder

Busy Bags: All of the activities come in their own brightly coloured, waterproof bag. Each one includes a fun activity with all the relevant materials that you need (no need to buy anything else) and an information card. The info card is there for you, to help you offer your child guidance as they play (and develop key skills), don't worry if they don't get it right away - they will get there! Let them lead and explore their own abilities too, children see things differently to how we do, so let them go with it. I have categorized each bag into age ranges, this is just a guideline as they all develop at their own pace.

The info cards are a way to help you get the most out of each activity. You will find the following on the info card:

  • How to use the activity
  • How to extend the activity as your child develops or for more capable children
  • A list of all the skills being developed whilst doing the activity (you will be surprised how much they are learning!)

Toolkits: These are unique to My Busy Bots and are a deck of flashcards that are easy to use and packed with fun, creative ways for your little one to learn. It's a fantastic way to engage with your child by sparking conversations with them.

Fun Folder: A imaginative and fun "conference folder" for kids, it's for creativity and learning on the go and comes with themed activity books for kids to enjoy.

My Busy Bots products are fun, original and jam-packed with creative ways to foster essentials skills for your little ones. I love seeing the fascination and delight radiate from our children while engaging in the activities (and drinking the odd cup of hot tea while we can) and this feeling is something I want to share with other parents and their little rascals. But don't just take my word for it, read what the customers say about the busy bags and take a look at the awards we've won!