Jumbo Buttons | Busy Bag | Learning numbers for toddlers
Jumbo Buttons | Busy Bag | Learning numbers for toddlers
Jumbo Buttons | Busy Bag | Learning numbers for toddlers

Jumbo Buttons

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The first time I let my kids play with jumbo buttons they were captivated! And they are still a favourite... There is just something about them that holds children’s attention. In this My Busy Bots bag we introduce numbers and counting in a fun way. Little ones need to find and cover the right amount of the animals with the jumbo buttons. When they are done they can do some extra hand eye coordination and fine motor practice by threading the buttons on the colourful lace.

This bag is suitable for little ones from 18 months up to 3 years old. As all children develop in their own time, this is a guideline and may vary with your child.


  • An A6 information card with instructions and ideas to extend the activities and list of skills being developed
  • 5 A5 laminated activity cards
  • 15 Jumbo buttons
  • 1 Colourful lace
  • 1 Brightly coloured storage bag

Skills being developed:

  • Fine motor skills:
    • Thumb opposition; in-hand manipulation; pincer grip; open thumb web space; finger isolation; whole hand grasp; hand strength; hand eye coordination and control; hand dominance; grasp and release; dexterity; spatial relationships.
  • Visual perceptual skills:
    • Visual tracking and scanning; motor planning; visual discrimination; visual motor integration; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills:
    • Concentration; problem solving; language and vocabulary; counting; number recognition; colour recognition and matching.
  • Life skills:
    • Sewing skills; patience and perseverance.

* Bags and content colours may vary

Disclaimer: Age titles are our suggestion and are a guideline as you will know your child's abilities best. Adult supervisions is always required.