Shapes are all around
Shapes are all around - My Busy Bots
Shapes are all around - My Busy Bots

Shapes are all around

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A cone is like a party hat and a sphere is like a bouncy ball. 3D shapes are everywhere, we just need to stop and take a moment to look out for them. When we understand that they are all around us, it makes it easier to identify and remember them. In this My Busy Bots bag we do just that, we use familiar everyday items and link them to 3D shapes in our world.

This activity is suitable for little ones from 4 - 8 years old. As all children develop in their own time, this is a guideline and may vary with your child.


  • 1 Information card with instructions, ideas to extend the activities and list of skills being developed
  • 6 Laminated 3D shape cards
  • 30 Coloured cards
  • 1 Brightly coloured storage bag

Skills being developed:

  • Fine motor skills:
    • Thumb opposition; in-hand manipulation; hand strength; hand eye coordination and control; grasp and release; dexterity.
  • Visual perceptual skills:
    • Visual tracking and scanning; motor planning; visual discrimination; visual figure ground.
  • Cognitive skills:
    • Concentration; problem solving; language and vocabulary; sorting and organisation; matching.
  • Life skills:
    • Patience and perseverance.

* Bags and content colours may vary