The bag I made for my son

My son loves, loves, loves vehicles especially cars! Sometimes I wonder if it is bordering on an obsession. Almost everything he picks up at the moment has to drive around and go “beep beep” or “choo choo”. At lunch the other day he insisted on taking his peanut butter sandwich and driving it around the table. Once I was past cleaning up the peanut butter smears, I could appreciate how sweet it was.

Because my older son gets hyper focused on things and has no interest what so ever in anything else. I have learnt over the few years that he has been with us to harness that “hyper focusedness” and not to get frustrated by it anymore. There were things I wished he would take an interest in but unfortunately he doesn’t, so I have been trying my best to connect with him on things he enjoys.

So I went to my “virtual drawing board” and came up with a My Busy Bots activity that I was sure would be a hit with my car-crazy-son! And so was born the “Beep beep, choo choo” busy bag. Inspired by my son who can’t get enough of anything with wheels.

Whenever I do something with my kids I always try and add an element of discovery or learning, being a teacher I can’t help it! I am determined not to be a pushy parent but there is no harm in encouraging development. This is something I would recommend to all parents, find what they love and use that to find ways to encourage their development. It can be as simple as lining up their favourite toys and counting them, or lining them up biggest to smallest etc.

This My Busy Bots bag brings vehicles to life, which has been a hit with my son. There are 3 different activities and a brightly coloured map encouraging his free play and imagination.