Support for the Mums in Business

When Leanne and I went into business together, we had a vision and big ideas like all new businesses. Leanne had an idea to keep her little one occupied and help develop his finer motor skills. Then we had a coffee, shared a few ideas, we turned them into amazing products and witnessed interest from other mums and off we went.

We moved out of the kitchen into my garage, and then into a… fulfilment house (I KNOW!), and now this month, we have been on the local radio AND appeared in the Daily Mail. There are even amazing things in the pipeline I can’t even talk about yet.

This year has been blady amazing.

The support our business has received, not only from the mums we designed our products for, but winning awards from reputable magazines and appearing in toy write ups in the national press, has been amazing and truly humbling.

It is just out of this world and neither of us expected this and are completely humbled and grateful for all the support we have received. This blog, however, is not to ‘boast’ about all the great things we are doing – No, to be clear, this is a celebration and hopefully inspiration for other mothers out there who might have a great idea they haven’t yet put into action. Hopefully we can prove that with a little determination, our husband’s support, strong friendships and a great network of other mums in business around us, you can do anything you put your mind to. I am not going to lie, it can be tough - some days we all just wing it!

You’ve seen all the adverts about buying local and from small businesses this Christmas.

Well I am sure I don’t need to tell you but when someone buys something from us, we do a little squeal of delight and dance round the kitchen. It is not just support; it is a vote of confidence in what we do. It can be a hard road at times and those little pings help grow our belief in our business and ourselves.

The best bit of all is the warm feeling we get inside knowing that we are allowing another mother a chance to drink a hot cup of tea, or can sit down, bond and be completely present whilst exploring a bag with their little one.

This is what makes being in business with my friend worthwhile. So, if you have clicked on the link or shared our story – we thank you.

And if you are a mum who is on the fence about starting something new – take that leap and see how far you can fly. A spark of an idea can lead you to something marvelous.


Images are from the lovely Stacie Swift (on the left) and Liz Harry (the right).We are big fans of these ladies designs, colourful nature and loveliness x