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After searching for something like this for my kids, and not finding anything - I decided to just go ahead and make one myself, so excited to share it with you!

For ages I searched for something like a “conference folder” for kids - something that would hold stationary and a little booklet for them. There are loads of great stationary cases but then I still had to get an activity book (one that would fit in it!). As a busy mum I like easy, compact and useful things - that I can grab and go (especially with travelling and heading out for a meal etc), which is clear from the busy bags sold here! So when I could not find the folder I was looking for (mostly A4 ones for adults and all pretty booooring) I decided to just go ahead and make one myself! And here it is… folks the Fun Folder has arrived!

This colourful folder is a bit larger than an A5, professionally printed on a durable, wipe-clean material. I have hand drawn all the fun, exciting characters that you will see zooming and dancing around the covers, sure to spark your child’s imagination!

The folders have 4 variants available - you can pick from a red, orange, yellow or blue outer zip. On the inside is the same durable material and you will find a zipped compartment on the left with 15 colourful, mini wooden pencils inside - ready for creating! You also get a sheet of stickers filled with some of the loveable characters from the cover, these can be used to decorate the inside of your folder or, use in your activity book. 

The folder also comes with the all important activity book - this is something I have put a lot of love into to make sure it is jam-packed with fun ways to learn! Over the lock-down I had lots of activity books for my kids and some were fab, but many others were lacklustre. With that in mind, I have chosen themes for each booklet, they each cover various areas of learning - maths, handwriting, literacy, the world around us and of course imagination and well being (so they are not a "phonics only" book). The booklets are designed in age ranges, and I will be launching new booklets for each range, so keep a look out (there could even be some fun festive limited edition ones). To kick off, we have:

Mini Beasts 

Packed with activities for children aged 3 years and over, from snail races, to designing butterflies, bug matching and much more.

Fun Folder - Mini Beasts 3+


Packed with activities for children from around 5 years and over, from giving a T-Rex terrifying teeth, code breaking, creating Dino super heroes and much more!

Fun Folder - Dinosaurs 5+

Enchanted Woodland

Packed with activities for kids aged from 7 years, from foraging for forest food, writing magic spells, designing your own Fairy & Elf kingdom and much more.

Fun Folder - Enchanted Woodland 7+

This is the perfect product to take along with you on car journeys, on planes, on trains, on boats even! Compact and sturdy enough to use on their laps, or those small trays. Also handy to take out for meals in restaurants, to waiting rooms, to weddings even - the possibilities are endless! They are mess free (no glue, glitter or sticky stuff) and come with all the bits you need. Super bonus - you can fit 2 of our busy bags in them as well! Lots of room in there for anything extra they may want to take along. 

Each fun folder contains:

  • Durable zipped folder (20cm wide, 24cm high, 3cm thick)
  • 25 page activity booklet, A5
  • 15 mini wooden pencils
  • Sheet of fun stickers

I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them!