New and Improved Busy Bags!

We are excited to share some new updates on our products with you! While we have lots of ideas for new items, we want to get our current items as strong as we can, so we are always looking at how we can better our range. We also don’t want to launch new products just for the sake of it, but me more mindful about what we bring out. In a world that has so much waste, we do not want to add to this, so steps are being taken to pack more of a punch in each bag and move towards more environmentally friendly items – some of our customers have been using their busy bags for over 5 years!! So we know they last and they are excellent value for money.

On the topic of this, we also wanted to chat about the price increases that will be coming. This is the non-fun part of running a business, which fills us with dread – but we thought it would be great to chat more openly about it (just seen an amazing story all about this from Gemma who runs MuthaHood, and she has inspired us to do the same)! Brexit, Covid and general annual increases have hit everyone and across the board our suppliers have all increased their prices. The physical goods cost more (also moving to move eco goods generally cost more), shipping increases (much more, sigh!), paper prices have gone up too. So – all of this together plus the fact that some bags will now have tonnes more added value inside!

Now on to the fun stuff! We have been working with some amazing and inspiring teachers to find ways to add more value to our already great activities. We will be launching some of these over the next month, some may already be launched, so keep your eyes out! Overall we have re-illustrated all of our images, so all the bags will have a fun, new drawings! We have also reworked the My Busy Bots branding, so look out for our fun, new pattern.

We would also LOVE to hear from you – what items do you and your child enjoy? What would you like to see from us? Being a small business comes with flexibility (which we love) and this means we can easily take on board feedback, ideas and what you have to say. 

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