Mother’s Day

That’s right, it’s coming! That one, blissful day of the year when you lounge in bed until mid-morning, interrupted only by a gentle tapping at the door so your loving family can tiptoe in to bring you an artfully arranged breakfast tray. You know the kind of thing: artisan pastries, farmhouse butter, richly scented coffee, fruit salad in elegant porcelain to be nibbled with a silver spoon, a single rose, a thoughtfully chosen, tastefully wrapped, quietly expensive gift…


Is it more: elephants ransacking the house from before 6am, thunderous whispers outside, the door smashed back (tearing your wallpaper still further), rice crispies slopping onto your pillow, something unidentifiable someone has – by the looks of things – largely crafted from cat biscuits and their own snot and ‘wrapped’ in a page hacked from a Paw Patrol Magazine? We hear you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, yes, we’ll treasure the strangely limp flowers crushed in tiny fists and those peculiar collages nurseries insist on the children making with paint on their feet when they’re all grown up and can actually manage to present us with something nice. After 6.07am.

But this year, I can thoroughly recommend a couple of our most effective distraction bags –  Somewhere over the rainbow , Googly Eye monster and Puzzled Shapes. Educational and great fun, these have bought me time recently to visit the loo in a leisurely manner, complete an online shop and answer a host of emails. Pop them in your handbag and – this year – you might actually get to enjoy your lunch out! With both hands! Or at the very least a swift but gloriously uninterrupted evening gin before – ideally – someone else deals with bath time. The best gift I can offer a fellow knackered mum is – always – time. Cheers ladies, to you from me! Here’s to Mother’s Day.

Candice xxx