Getting Ready for School

It’s been a crazy few months. You don’t need us to point that out. Lots of our little ones who are about to graduate from pre-school to ‘big’ school might have missed some of the usual preparations that nurseries or childminders might have done for this momentous change. Many of the settling sessions or ‘stay and play’ days primary schools often hold during the summer months were cancelled. And while you’ve been keeping all the balls – SO MANY BALLS – in the air, it can be hard to find time to do anything other than wipe up the very top layer of grime and hope for the best.

So, in this strangest of summers – and with my youngest about to make the leap to school herself – I put on my thinking cap on to come up with some packs that could help those little ones (soon to consider themselves very big ones!) with the preparation for starting school.

There may be nerves. There may be high emotions. There may be blind panic. Some of these may even be coming from your kid…! These bright fun bags and flashcards will help. They’re packed with activities that introduce some of the concepts they’ll learn during their first year of school including phonics, numeracy and shapes. What’s more, there are entertaining games and activities to help improve their fine motor skills, so they can hold their pens and start their writing careers with confidence. (Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll come off just fine in their tell-all autobiography!)

Designed to be dipped into together and give kids an easy familiarity with some of the key lessons they’ll encounter in Reception, these packs are also a lovely way to spend some time together. Some quiet yet chatty time. Some time away from screens and, importantly, away from glue and glitter. Homeschool may be out for summer, but these lively little packs can pave the way for a smooth start come September. Here’s to new starts and happy days!