Autumn activities

Autumn - a favourite season of mine! The colours are beautiful and the crisper days allow for nice big cosy jumpers. The changing of seasons is a lovely way to learn about the world around and opens up all kinds of conversations with children – you can look at colours, how the trees change, animals getting ready for winter, the food we eat and much more. I thought I would make a list of my favourite autumn activities to do and share some ideas with you all (might come in handy over half term or if we have another lock down!).

Conkers – we love conkers! They can be used for lots of things, you can use them with toothpicks to create animals, people – all kinds of things, use as counters and add to a mud kitchen for potion making! Take a look at the beautiful wreath my talented friend made!

Leaves – the reds, browns, yellows and greens are so beautiful! There is SO much you can do with them!

  • You can collect the leaves and sort into colours or line them up in order of size.
  • Use them to stick to paper and make some art.
  • Add googly eye to them
  • Draw and paint on them, create animals or patterns
  • Tie them to a stick and use as a paint brush
  • Create a leaf crown for your little forest wildlings (my daughter loves doing this)
  • Trace around them on paper (great for fine motor skills)
  • Lay them on the floor to create big shapes or letters

Busy Bags – for younger children, I have the perfect busy bag to use to learn about seasons, plus it is a giant rainbow! The Somewhere over the rainbow bag is a fun hands on way to look at seasons and what we wear, eat and do during each one.

Free download from me – I have designed some free activities that are autumn themed (and a touch of Halloween). These will be fun to snuggle up and enjoy with your little one. Sign up to the newsletter and grabs yours today.

Fruit picking – there are still apples around and berries, which are fun to collect and enjoy using to bake something tasty. You could find a local pick-your-own farm and enjoy collecting fresh veggies and fruit.

Walk – the perfect weather for wrapping up and going for a lovely walk. You can collect things as you go, count how many different colour leaves you can see, climb trees, and look out for busy squirrels.

There is lots of fun to be had in the beautiful season. I hope you enjoyed these ideas.


* Images: a mix of mine and some from Pinterest