Hello! I am Candice a busy mum juggling everyday life and business all while running after two little rascals (thank goodness for busy bags hey!)

Here at My Busy Bots I create award-winning busy bags, toolkits and Fun Folders containing fun, educational activities that will encourage learning through play - oh yeah, play, this is how children learn!

  • Carol Driver - The Daily Mail

    "These three stocking-filler busy bags are great for tiny hands with huge imaginations. The games (that all have kids’ development in mind) are simple to understand - such as matching pictures to letter sounds, or placing picture cards (hats/leaves) on to the right season. But they’re incredibly fun, delivered in brightly coloured bags that are easy to store. A must buy."

  • Judges - Junior Design Awards

    "Our judges felt that these kits were perfect for slipping into a handbag or taking along on a trip away. The strong educational element was much appreciated as was the ‘mess free’ promise. Great for keeping children entertained on the go without leaving glue smears on train tables and ideal for keeping little minds stimulated without resorting to screen time."

  • Louise - Mum of Boys & Mabel

    "Regular followers will already know that I’m a fan of the brilliant company My Busy Bots. They make amazing zip-up pouches that contain engaging, educational, and (most importantly) fun activities to keep our little ones busy and quiet - and out of all the companies I write about on this blog, this is one that I probably use the most on a day-to-day basis."

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